the 5 step method (afinet)

Duration: 6 weeks

Options: Online using Zoom

Who is the programme for? This is a short, structured and evidence-based programme for family members affected by a loved one’s substance use. It supports families in their own right, regardless of whether their loved one is currently using drugs or alcohol. It also supports families to cope with a family member’s drug or alcohol using behaviour.

what to expect

Week 1 Introduction, assessment and goal setting
Week 2 Getting to know you and the problem
Week 3 Providing you with relevant information
Week 4 Exploring how you respond and cope
Week 5 Exploring and enhancing social support
Week 6 Identifying further needs and referring on for further help

how we work together

Sessions will take place over Zoom and the sessions will be one hour per week.

We will provide you with a discreet, personalised, friendly and professional service with fantastic support from highly skilled drug and alcohol practitioners for families.

The model has been designed by AFINET (Addiction and the Family International Network) and has bene tested all over the world to improve the lives of families living with a loved one’s drug/alcohol use and gambling.