Vesta is available for commisions


 The Drug Strategy, 2017, states,

“Evidence-based psychological interventions which involve family members should be available locally and local areas should ensure that the support needs of families and carers affected by drug misuse are appropriately met.”

We have a responsibility to support families affected by a loved one’s alcohol or other drug use. The Vesta Approach can meet the need for your local authority or to enhance the family support within your service. 


The Vesta Approach will support family members to:

  • Get their loved one into treatment for their substance use
  • Reduce their  stress and pressure
  • Improve their quality of life
  • Support their loved one in treatment


By the end of the programme, clients will:

  • Understand drug and alcohol use and how people can recover from it.
  • Improve their communication techniques to stop the conflict and start the peace.
  • Know the four Vesta principles of recovery and how to use these wonderful strategies in their daily life.
  • Have reduced stress and pressure and their resilience increased.
  • Have a better quality of life.
  • Create a plan to get their loved one into treatment and to support their family through their recovery.


Delivery Online

The Vesta Approach online is a cost-effective way of supporting families to recover from a loved one’s substance use, regardless of whether an individual chooses to continue with their substance use or not. As long as clients have access to the internet, I can create a programme for your unique client base and take the lead on supporting them in order to get results. You can have unlimited places for this option. 



The groupwork programme is also available face to face and will be delivered over 16 sessions.


Value added and outcomes

  • Signposting and follow up
  • Graduation celebration
  • Journal
  • Reporting and evaluation (I will report on client goals, CES-Depression scale, session evaluations, client goals)
  • Start and end family reporting for the cohort on: 
    1. Relationship with loved one
    2. Friends and family
    3. Support
    4. Physical health
    5. Emotional wellbeing
    6. Home environment
    7. Purpose
    8. Social life
    9. Money
    10. Safety



    • 15 concerned family members per cohort (minimum number 8)
    • Venue to be arranged by you in your locality. 


    Contact me

    If you are interested in commissioning The Vesta approach for your service, clients or local authority, please get in touch. I would be happy to discuss your needs with you.