How I can help you


I have options for private and confidential support for available for family, friends and partners who are living with a loved one’s drug and alcohol use.

1. Join my free mailing list for tips, advice and news about how I can help you. 

2. A free, 30 minute consultation call. Please contact me here to book in a friendly chat about your situation and how I can help. 

3. Join my free Facebook Group, Vesta Confidential, for chat and support for women affected by a loved one’s drug and alcohol use. 

4. A one hour clarity call where you can book in a session with me when you’re stuck for immediate advice and support and signposting to local or online services. Contact me here to book. £97

5. One to one programme of support. This is recommended so I can teach you strategies to cope which you can take the time to implement at home with your loved one. You will get my professional support and advice to help you cope better with your situation, regardless of whether your loved one chooses to stop or reduce their substance use or not.  Find out more here 5 Step Method (6-week programme) or here Vesta Family.

6. Their Addiction. Reclaim Your Life. How to Cope- a self-led course where I teach the strategies to cope with a loved one’s drug or alcohol use. Course coming soon!