Duration: 12 weeks (March offer 10 weeks for £997)

Options: Online using Zoom

Who is the programme for? Based on the evidence based The Concerned Other model of support.

This programme is for family members living with a loved one’s drug or alcohol use who would like support to:

  • Get your loved one help for their substance use
  • Reduce your stress and pressure
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Learn effective strategies to cope

What to expect

(what we will typically cover in the programme)

Week 1 All about you
Week 2 All about your loved one
Week 3 Understanding substance use and recovery
Week 4 Making social connections
Week 5 Rewarding your loved one when sober
Week 6 Communication techniques

Week 7 Disabling enabling behaviours
Week 8 Withdrawing when your loved one uses
Week 9 Resilience and strengths
Week 10 Getting your loved one into treatment
Week 11 Supporting recovery
Week 12 Celebrate your successes

how we work together

This is based on an evidence-based programme developed by Phil Harris.

It is a 12-week programme and aims to improve the well-being of family members living with a loved one using substances.

I will provide you with a discreet, personalised, friendly and professional service with effective support and guidance.

I am registered with the Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals and have over fifteen years experience in supporting family recovery.