The Vesta Approach Training

I have worked in the public and voluntary sector (prisons, NHS and charitable organisations) in teaching, training, drug and alcohol services, in safeguarding roles and in organisational development. I have designed, delivered and evaluated many courses and presented at national and international conferences. I can now offer Vesta training for various audiences including your organisation, clients, young people and professionals.


I can provide expert advice and undertake projects and service design on familial substance misuse.
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The training I can offer includes:

Safeguarding Children (Levels 1-3 Intercollegiate Guidance 2015 & Groups 1-3 Working Together 2010)

Substance Misuse (including drug and alcohol awareness and parental substance use)


Resilience (learning personal development and coping strategies for life and business)

For Organisations

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Daily rates start at £450 for up to a half day training and £750 for full day.

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