The Vesta Programme Online

The Vesta Programme online is coming soon!

For anyone on the planet who has internet access who, as well as being supported through the Vesta Programme, will join a wonderful, community sharing your journey with people going through the same situation as you.

The Vesta Online programme is a brilliant new way to complete the programme alongside other people in the same situation as yourself. Of course, I can help you to change your approach to your drinker or drug user and to start putting yourself first. Learning and supporting each other and forging a therapeutic community takes this support to another level. You will need to complete Five Days Towards Family Recovery before you can access my twelve week programme.

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If you join this programme, I aim to:

  • Get your loved one into treatment for their substance use
  • Reduce your stress and pressure
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Support your loved one in treatment

By the end of the programme you will walk away:

  • Understanding drug and alcohol use and how people can recover from it which will help you to empathise with your loved one, but also have the knowledge to help them change.
  • With fantastic communication techniques to stop the conflict and start the peace.
  • Knowing the four Vesta principles of recovery and how to use these wonderful strategies in your daily life.
  • With the stress and pressure reduced and your resilience increased.
  • Having a better quality of life.
  • With a plan to get your loved one into treatment (if you haven’t already) and to support them through their recovery.

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Introduction- Making Changes

This week, I will introduce you to the programme in detail and you will get to know the rest of the participants on the programme. You will have your own tribe to gain additional support from, in addition to the support you get from me. We will also cover safety and safeguarding.

Week One- All about you

This session will help you understand the effects of substance misuse on families and to start putting you first. Yes, it is possible! I will show you that you are not alone, that your situation is not your fault and there is a brilliant life out there for you to focus on.

Week Two- All about your loved one

We will really explore your loved one’s substance use and their triggers for using and why you want to help them. Creating a thorough understanding of their substance use is our starting point for making plans to reduce their use and get them into treatment.

Week Three- Understanding substance misuse and recovery.

This week, you will gain even more awareness of substance misuse and recovery. We will discuss different types of drug and alcohol use, your experiences and how recovery works for you, your family and your loved one.

Week Four- Making connections

Making connections is absolutely vital in your own recovery from a family member’s drug or alcohol use. This week, we will start looking at planning in some good times for you. If you don’t give look after yourself, you can’t look after everybody else!

Week Five- Rewarding your loved one when sober

The first of four Vesta principles. I will teach you to select appropriate rewards for your loved one to use when they are sober and when to use them. Sounds silly doesn’t it? It works. Making substance use less attractive and being sober more attractive is one of the keys to initiating change.

Week Six- Communication techniques

The second Vesta principle will explore triggers of conflict and learn the techniques to reduce stress, live a calmer life and communicate your feelings so you start being heard by your loved one.  This technique changed my life!

Week Seven- Disabling enabling behaviours

The third Vesta principle will tune you in to any ways in which you and others have perhaps been (unknowingly) making it a bit too easy for your loved one to drink or use drugs. Don’t worry! Everyone does this out of the love and care for their family. For your loved one to change, we make a plan for this to stop these behaviours and replace them with better ones.

Week Eight- Withdrawing when your loved one uses

The final Vesta principle reviews how you know when your loved one has used and formulate brilliant responses so that you never need to be around it again! Also, we focus here on reducing any risk of conflict which means no shouting, begging, pleading or whatever it is that usually zaps your energy.

Week Nine- Resilience and Strengths

This week, we will spend some time identifying your strengths, resources and coping skills and start doing the things you enjoy. You have managed so well up to now and this week is about positively channelling your skills, conserving your energy and bringing the you back into your life.

Week Ten- Getting your loved one into treatment

Our session explores the common barriers and hooks to substance users getting treatment, the types of treatment available and how you can approach this topic with your loved one. We will unpick the details of the when’s, where’s and how’s of talking to your loved one about getting help.

Week Eleven- Supporting recovery

We explore the risk factors here that might threaten treatment for your loved one, how to encourage attendance. We will plan ongoing responses to any setbacks they may have in their recovery from drug or alcohol use so that you can continue to support them.

Week Twelve- Celebrate your successes

This week, we will celebrate your amazing successes on the programme and plan your next steps in your road to family recovery.

How you can get help.

I offer confidential, therapeutic sessions to teach you how to reduce your loved one’s substance use and to help you live the life you deserve. My work is based on an evidence based programme, PACT (Parents and Carers Training Programme) written by Phil Harris. Find out more about Phil and his research here:

Wherever you are in the world, you can access the Vesta Programme.

If you have any questions, need any advice or support, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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