Five Days Towards Family Recovery


  • Just found out your loved one is using drugs or alcohol?

  • You may have tried everything and they still wont change? 

  • Think your loved one is the one that needs help, not you? 

This programme is for you. You can complete it with total discretion and in your own time.  I know how tough it is to live with someone with alcohol or drug problems. You need help too.  I can support you.

Five Days Towards Family Recovery is a therapeutic programme for anyone affected by a loved one’s drug or alcohol use. Whether you are a partner, parent, child or friend of an adult who has a problem with substances, you are welcome to join.

Please note, you need to be over 18 and so does the person using substances.

Victoria Seed

Victoria Seed


I am an experienced drug and alcohol therapist for families. I have supported families affected by drug and alcohol use for many years. I am a qualified and registered drug and alcohol professional, NLP practitioner, teacher and trainer. I have designed and led services and helped families to make positive changes throughout my career. Now I’m going to help you too!

This introductory programme will help you towards you and your family recovering from your loved one’s substance use. Not only that, but you will learn from me and from others in the same situation as yourself, as you go through the programme together. You are not alone.

In this course, I will show you how you can influence your loved one’s substance use and to start leading a better life. I want you to make a plan to put yourself first, for once, and to live your life fully, regardless of whether your loved one chooses to continue using their drug or alcohol or not.

We will cover what addiction and recovery are, explore the strategies you’ve tried before to stop your loved one using, discuss why your loved one uses and what they get out of it, how they might react when you change your approach to them. Last, but certainly not least, we will plan how you can start leading a better life.

I also have a twelve week therapeutic programme, The Vesta Programme, which aims to get your loved one into treatment, help you lead a better life and to help you recover from your loved one’s substance use.  You can sign up to this when you have completed Five Days Towards Family Recovery.

The programme a five day course plus a welcome and closing days. You need a laptop or computer, a good internet connection, some headphones, access to a printer and an email address. If you can commit up to an hour a day, you’re good to go! You can complete the programme at your own pace if you prefer. When you reach the end, you can join my Facebook group where you will get ongoing support and information from each other and from me.

If you have any questions at all, email me

If everything sounds okay to you, sign up now and get access to the welcome modules straight away.

You deserve help too!

I’m offering the programme for an introductory price of $72 (£50 at time of writing). 

*please note- all payments are in US Dollars. It can take a few days for payment to go through via Paypal so email me once you have made payment and I will give you access if required*

Click here to Email me if you have any questions or need access. Please refer to my Frequently Asked Question page here and my legal page here for my terms and conditions.

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Take Care,