The Vesta Approach

 The Vesta Approach was established in 2017 and supports family members living with a loved one’s drug or alcohol use.  I work with people who love and care for the person in their lives so that we can understand their individual substance use. From this, we make a plan to work with their substance use, not against it.

You cannot change another person, you can only change yourself and your responses to their behavior.

We focus on your needs and your happiness, so regardless of whether they change or not, we will work together to reduce your stress, teach you brilliant strategies to cope and live a much better life!

I will teach families the skills they need to respond differently when their loved one drinks or uses drugs so that often, they realise they they need to make a change.


My mission is to support families to recover from a loved one’s drug or alcohol use and to live a better life. 


My vision is to provide a range of online support and to forge a community, helping families to live their lives fully and free from addiction.

Vesta Values


Friends and support are crucial to getting through tough times in our lives. You may not want to tell every man and his dog about what’s going on for you, but in my community, EVERYONE is experiencing their own very unique but similar issues. 


Research shows that having knowledge around drug and alcohol use and understanding how people develop problems with it, actually helps family members cope better with their situation. 


You and your family come first. We can’t control somebody else’s behaviour, but we do have a choice in what WE do for ourselves and our other family members. 


Keeping mentally and physically healthy is a tough gig when living with a loved one’s substance use. I will help you refocus on you and your self-care needs. 


We each have lots of different purposes in life. This can be forgotten with the worry of caring for someone else. Our purpose could be as a parent or a wife. What about our purpose at work? Hobbies? Skills? Training? Having something for you can keep you resilient. 


Happiness is something that I personally love in my life. I would love to help you have happier days.