The Vesta Approach is a confidential service that supports individuals, families and partners to recover from drug or alcohol use and improve their quality of life.

Is someone you love having problems with alcohol or drugs?

Living with someone who is experiencing problems with their drug or alcohol use is incredibly difficult. Typically, your loved one is seen as needing as much support as possible. however, you, affected by their problematic use, are also in need of your own support.

The Vesta Approach is here to prioritise:

Your needs

Your future

Your happiness

Are you sick and tired of drugs and alcohol affecting your life?

Is your loved one denying they have a problem?

Have they attempted to stop or reduce their drug or alcohol use but gone back to old habits?

Ready to try something new?

I’ll help you understand their substance use but focus on you and helping you to make changes to the way you respond when they are intoxicated. 

Have you tried to help but not getting anywhere?

What help have you had for you?

You cannot change somebody else’s behaviour, you can only change your responses to it. 

I have over a 15 years of experience of helping individuals and families recover from the negative impact of drug and alcohol use.

I won’t judge you.

You’re not alone!

The Vesta Approach supports individuals and families affected by drug or alcohol use.

I offer my service online (wherever you live!) and face to face in the Manchester (UK) area. 


This means you can access support for YOU without having to worry about getting to an appointment, leaving the house or childcare. You can access the programme from anywhere you like or meet me in Manchester. I can even see you at home.


I will help you to lead a better life.

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I am so happy you have come to this website and hope you will be inspired by what we can achieve together to help you live the life you deserve.

Please note… At the moment, the Vesta programmes are offered to people age 18+ (the drug or alcohol user also needs to be over 18) but if you need some support, please get in touch anyway and I will try to help. 

Mesage me for any help and no obligation advice.